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  • Melissa, Oregon Coast Wedding Officiant

Your Oregon Coast Beach Wedding and the role weather plays in your big day...

I've officiated beach weddings for over 350 couples, here on the scenic, beautiful Oregon Coast. I've learned a lot about weddings and how weather can play a role in a couple's big day.

I absolutely LOVE the weather on the Oregon Coast. I have lived all over the country and in Canada, and although I recently moved away, I was once again drawn back to this outstanding location and am back, permanently. A big part of what I enjoy about the Oregon Coast is the weather: I enjoy cooler temperatures and love eagle-spotting on misty, rainy days (preferably with a large mug of coffee). I love the etheric pictures that can be taken on misty, cloudy days or during the time of day in summer when we have the marine layer roll in. If you are not familiar with the coast's weather during the month of your event, please feel free to inquire with me at time of booking as to what to expect. If you currently have weather concerns, please read on...

First, think about what your priorities are for your wedding day. If you have gone all out financially, meaning hired a photographer for half a day, invited 50+ guests and have your officiant, hair and make-up person reserved, you likely have already realized you may want to look at an indoor venue as an option. Here on the Oregon Coast, we have absolutely PERFECT summer weather...At times. Sometimes, the summer weather is not ideal for such an extensive event, meaning the winds at the beach can be too much for some--hair can fly, mascara can run, sand may blow. Many summer days are absolutely perfect, though, chilly but sunny is typical. At times, we have a marine layer for part of the day, but it makes the lighting outstanding for your pictures. Bottom line is, for an upscale event, depending on your personality, you may want to consider booking an indoor venue or at least having it as an option...Many folks request the back-up option of their banquet facility, typically the venue will agree. This has worked out well several times, for example when couples planned to wed on the very scenic beach in front of Chinook Winds Casino Resort but had to move it indoors, also happened with my couples at the elegant Inn at Spanish Head.

On the other hand, if you decided to elope, something really simple and casual, perhaps with just the 2 of you or a couple of guests--and, don't mind wind or perhaps a light misting rain, you will more than likely be just fine during the summer months. Most couples go with the flow on their big day, even if it means hair gets wet or a bit of sand blows around you.

Winter weather on the coast can bring very strong winds and sideways heavy rain, honestly. Most of winter is beautiful, just foggy and typically around 55-60+ degrees. Several of my brides have arrived in expensive gowns with hair and make-up done well, only to be drenched by rain and wind. In literally EVERY situation, the couple just accepted it as part of the coast's unexpected surprises, laughed, and carried on with plans. There have been some very FUN photos taken during my rainy weddings. Locals don't use umbrellas, but we do use raincoats with hoods, which I recommend you bring along with you, just in case.

If you are interested in staying outdoors but dry in the event of rain, you have several outdoor oceanside options I can recommend, for shelter during your ceremony. Alternately, I have also performed quite a few "balcony weddings" in hotel rooms, when weather did not cooperate.

I know you will absolutely love the coastal weather, and hope you choose the Oregon Coast for your wedding venue. Our 7 miles of beaches, sandstone cliffs, ancient fir trees, sea lions, crashing waves, fresh salt air, agates, outstanding restaurant options and friendly locals all make it an awesome Oregon beach wedding venue and worth the trip. Click here to read more about what Lincoln City has to offer, including glass-blowing and much more:

Please feel free to text or email Melissa at 509-714-2085 or email:, for any type of advice on your Oregon Coast beach wedding.

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