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  • Melissa, Oregon Coast Wedding Officiant

Will your Oregon Coast beach wedding be stressful or not?

I've officiated Oregon Coast beach weddings for over 350 couples, here on the stunningly beautiful Oregon Coast. I've learned a lot about wedding planning details through listening to so many brides, who, on their big day, too often exclaim, "I am soooo stressed out!" instead of "I am so in love and happy to be marrying my love"...

Many believe planning their wedding will be a stress-filled and anxious time--and it is, for many. The truth is, your wedding can be as simple and relaxing as you desire. Once you have the license, the rest is easy! If you are looking for something private and simple on the beach, simply contact us and we will send you step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. It can be this simple, and you can dress casually, as many of my couples do:
1) Obtain a marriage license, then contact your Officiant to reserve your day/time;
2) Decide on your location, but feel free to ask your Officiant for suggestions; and
3) Book a nearby hotel for your wedding night.
4) If you want to do a little extra: Grab a bouquet of flowers at our local grocery store,
stay at a hotel an extra night, bring a bottle of champagne and/or hire one of my photographers for a quick session during your ceremony. You might even want to book a couple's massage the morning of your event, to help you relax.

Now, for those wanting a more elaborate event, of course more work is needed to plan for your day. There are many considerations, payments and calls to make when several folks are involved in your day, including booking your Officiant, choosing an accessible venue (location) for those guests who can't do the sand-walking, buying a formal gown, renting a tux, ordering cake and flowers, booking a hairdresser, make-up artist, and photographer and choosing the reception venue. Some choose to hire an event planner or marry in a venue that includes an event planner. Here on the 7-mile beach on the Lincoln City coast, we have THE MOST hotel choices on the whole coast for an Oregon Coast beach wedding! There are several that I highly recommend.

My best advice is to create a checklist of everything you need to do and importantly, have a deadline date beside each task. Some vendors and venues need to be booked MONTHS ahead of time.

Please feel free to text 509-714-2085 or email me at for any type of advice on your Oregon Coast beach wedding.

Your Oregon Officiant,
Lincoln City Weddings, LLC
--formerly of Bliss and Energy Weddings on the Oregon Coast


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